Saturday, April 18, 2009

first post, new band

hello welcome. first post.

here is an mp3 from a friend's band. they're called The Watership Drowns, a play on words with the title from the popular animated childrens movie, The Watership Downs. they make poppy indie stuff with a verse-verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure, exactly according to their (female) bassist. the artwork for the gig poster done by the (coloured in) lead singer, mitchell. 

check them out yo.

Visit them on myspazz too


mitchell. said...

utter rubbish.
I listened to them,
and they sound like
any other paarl band.

lobotics said...

very nice of you to explain the subtle wordplay there

| youngone | said...
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unthinkful brick said...

haha yes mitchell, i love the optimism towards your own band.