Saturday, May 2, 2009

titanic vandalism

my daddy-o received a speeding fine from the municipality of Prince Albert at the end of last year. the fine dated back to August 2007, but my dad's adressess and mailboxes has changed since then and so far we haven't received any follow-ups. so naturally, being me, i decided to draw on it.

I went through some old application forms a few weeks ago and was surprised to stumble upon this again. back in november 2008, I was still in my hectic the go! team phase. I drew this in the fashion of their debut album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, as a tribute to them and their no-nonsense attitude against rules and regulations, all the while maintaining their trademark sound of youthful 70's nostalgic cheerleading-esque anthemic funk and early hip hop.

okay, i'll do you all a solid. firstly, read my disclaimer on the left-hand side of the blog. if none of you feel the need to complicate things, remember to right-click on the mp3 and click "save link as" or "save file as" and then to choose the desired folder you wish to download to.

do people still even say "solid" anymore? hmmm...

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bye for now.

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josh said...

schweet mr. schutte

SA! i was in jo-burg last summer