Saturday, October 17, 2009

meadow banter

I was at Rocking the Daisies 09.

Pictured here is SHE MAN LION, Gazelle and a few other arbitrates.

They were part of the Red Bull Radar competition, although this was not a first time witness for me. They have performed at Zula Sound Bar in Long Street before, albeit to a lesser crowd than this. Think Johnny Neon, but with more Foals inspired drumming and guitar battling.

One amateurish review aside, the festival was amazing. A definite highlight was the return of the Doodle tent for the Night Of a 1000 Drawings charity initiative. Had fun drawing for an hour whilst Thieve played the worst set of the fest.

Luckily we were all saved by old times when Desmond gave us a dance-off not to be spat at.
I should mention the electro tent, but I'd rather not repeat
the happenings
which occurred there. Rather fiendish.

To Mitchell, Salome, Johnty, Mandy, etc: thanks for being great company
To Portabello: best food ever



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