Saturday, May 7, 2011

Faux-Politics for Everybody

The simple concept for the logo was to show the people of South Africa together in close proximity. I settled for a pie chart that would represent the four main demographics of the population (statistically correct) as 79.4% Black, 8.8% Coloured, 9.2% White and 2.6% Indian/Asian, and added the relevant colours to each slice. Around the chart is a strip of green to represent our focused flora kingdom, Fynbos, which is the smallest and richest floral kingdom in the world. It surrounds the chart to symbolize the physical borders of our country.

The chart forms a pyramid to give it a slightly sinister feel, almost in the spirit of the Freemasons and George Orwell's 1984 totalitarian voice, Big Brother.

The typeface used is Industria; it adds to the sinister feel of the pyramid and invokes the feeling of the industrial era. Clean and legible, yet cold and forlorn.

Faux-Politics for You

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